Heat Pump Food Dryer System

BUTAS designs and manufactures high efficient cabin type heat pump dryer systems to dry all kinds of food products (vegetables, fruits, fish and meat products) in hygienic ambient at economical conditions with low energy consumption and with preserving the natural odor, aroma and taste of the product.

·      Cabin Type Fruit – Vegetable - Food Dryer System 
·      High Efficient Drying with Heat Pump Technology

·      Temperature and humudity control by special designed air conditioning system

·      User Friendly, easy control by PLC Control System

·      Hygienic Drying Process Away From Dust, Dirt, Smoke and Bad Weather

·      % 40 - % 80 Energy Saving comparing to conventional systems

·      Easy and modular installation

·      Ability to get high quality product as taste and odor at the end of the process


BTS Food Drying System Youtube Videos